Sale conditions

Sale conditions


Our puppies are ready to go to new family in age of 8 weeks – not earlier.  They are very good socialized.

They will be 3x dewormed, vaccinated and they will have Chip.

We have puppies very seldom and we choose their parents very thoroughly. Puppies grow up in our house and we give them all our care and love and we would like to find them the best families.

You have to perceive, that the dog will spend with us around 15 years. Bolognese dog is very friendly and devoted to his family, he isn´t happy when he must be often and long time alone at home and it is necessary to take care about their coat – please, keep this in mind!!

When you are realy interested in our puppy, please, let us know what is your view – if you would like the female or male puppy, if you would like to go to dog shows, where he/she will live,….

Questions about price and anonymous e-mails, we DON´T ANSWER!!

Puppies become to their new home:

– Buying contract


– FCI Export-Pedigree

– Some toys, dry food in to first days,…

When you would like to reserve puppy by us, it is necessary to send reservation money – this amount will be deducted from final price in day, when you will come for the puppy. The amount is 1/3 of final price. Final price is without transport to new home – final price is price for puppy only.

The reservation money can´t be refundable when you cancel the reservation of healthy puppy. This reservation money will be in this case used for next costs with the puppy.

In case we, would cancel the reservation, because of some problems with puppy and so on, we will send all reservation money back!